Coworking Playlists

Studies have shown creativity can be increased by having a bit of music playing because it helps to promote abstract processing.

Music is a very personal thing but at Think Co we tend to have a mix of low key beats at a low level. This makes it feel less like a library and cancels things out like keyboards tapping and people coughing and shuffling. We use the Sonos range of speakers and encourage all our members to download the app so they can add to our playlists and create an environment that includes everyone.

Noise-cancelling headphones are also highly recommended if you need to zone out or listen to something different and this is also an easy way to signal to your colleagues that you’re in the zone and don’t want to be disturbed.

Here’s a playlist to get you started, we’ll be adding new Spotify playlists to the mix as we go so don’t forget to check back and let us know which ones you love (and hate!)

Something Smooth

A Coworking Playlist that is a little bit funky, with some silky grooves and electronic beats.

A good mix for a shared office, not too heavy on the vocals and works well as background beats.

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